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Kaoruko offers lessons on Skype and at her studio in Ashland, Massachusetts. She provides more than 20 years of teaching experience along with the following areas of study:

  • Jazz and pop styles

  • Jazz improvisation 

  • Ear training

  • Technique

  • Theory

  • Microphone use

  • Basic PA skills

  • Basic piano self-accompaniment




  • Berklee College of Music 

  • Shenandoah University, Vocal Pedagogy Institute

  • Private lessons with Hal Crook - jazz, improvisation

  • Jeannette LoVetri - vocal technique, pedagogy


  • Vocalist/pianist for 10 years in Japan

  • Jazz vocalist for 20 years in New England

  • Teaching voice and piano for 20+ years in the Boston area 

Policies & Student Responsibilities

Lessons are $70 per hour. 

Arrive to lesson on time.
48 hours advance notice required for cancellations. 

Daily practice: 20-30 minutes of technical work (warm-ups, exercises, breathing)

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"I believe a healthy instrument (larynx) and its function comes first. The stronger the instrument, the freer [students] can sing and the more artistic choices they can make. I check my students' instrument for being healthy and functional, then strengthen their mechanism. Then my lessons go to what style they are based in. It often means some detailed work in their voice production. It can be the mechanics of improvisation or riffs, depending on the style.

I'd like my students to leave my studio/classroom feeling encouraged, determined, and hopeful. I believe each student has unique talent and capacity to create art only they can create. My job is to find each student’s 'gem,' bring it out, and show it to them.

One thing is for sure: successful people are not always the most skillful ones. What they have in common is confidence. I’d like to be one who can teach students to believe in and appreciate what they have. Ultimately, that’s the way we create a happy environment, happy people, and a peaceful world.”

~Kaoruko Pilkington

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